What We Do

MilitarySexualViolence.org is the first globally scoped program dedicated solely to providing NO FEE therapeutic support to any and all survivors of Military Sexual Violence.

Who We Are

Therapeutic support is provided by our national network of volunteer peer counselors, prior JAG prosecutors and behavioral health specialists.

All of our peer counselors are themselves Survivors of Military Sexual Violence.

Most of our counsel and behavioral health specialists are as well.

How We Do It

Our peer counselors and behavioral health specialists provide therapeutic support locally in person (one and one and small groups) and virtually (one on one and small groups).

Our counsel (prior JAG prosecutors) are here to answer general questions and shine light on the reporting, investigation, charging and trial processes.

Our counsel can also point you in the direction of legal action but our counsel may not work legally on your behalf.

If you are in need of legal assistance we will put you in touch with the appropriate no fee organizations that provide this service.