Military sexual violence addressed internationally

Local woman establishes a global program to support survivors By Marguerite Cleveland on September 5, 2019 Ms. Washington 2019, Stephanie E. Wilson, is the founder of Photo provided by Stephanie E. Wilson For Stephanie E. Wilson, Ms. Washington 2019, participation in the pageant has provided a spotlight for The nonprofit she founded provides no-fee therapeutic support to any and all survivors of military sexual violence. These services are provided by a volunteer network of peer counselors, prior JAG prosecutors and behavioral health specialists. Most in this network are themselves survivors of military sexual violence. When Wilson and her family negotiated a series of life-altering traumas in the area of military sexual violence, she stumbled into some critical areas that were lacking in terms of survivor support. "In direct response to this, I knitted together the initial framework to sustain the well-being of my own family," Wilson recalled. "The program grew at an astonishingly fast rate through whispers. "People in need of [...]